TrimsEffects - New Major Update Available!

Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge)

The objective of this mod is none other than to expand the world of trims added by Mojang in the latest versions, since now, each of them will be able to grant an effect. In fact, now when a player has a complete armor with some trim, combined with diamond or Netherite, they will receive an effect related to the difficulty of obtaining it.

As of version 1.3.0, TrimsEffects is much more configurable! You will be able to modify all the features of the mod to your liking, such as, the number of armor pieces needed to give effects, the maximum number of effects, the effects or the minerals needed to give effects.

It is important that you delete the old configuration file so that the new one can be generated.

Download it from CurseForge.
Download it at Modrinth.

We’re excited to announce a major update for TrimsEffects!

TrimsEffects will now be much more customizable.

  • Forget about limitations! Use the configuration file to change the number of armor pieces needed to give an effect, the corresponding effects, or the ore they should be bonded with.

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Now, when a player uses the same decoration on all their armor (combined with Diamond or Netherite), it will give some kind of special effect, which will vary depending on the difficulty of obtaining the effect.

All the effects can be configured, so that they can be obtained through one type of decoration or another. For example, one of the decorations will give the effect of strength, while another will give speed.

Trims combined with diamonds will give level 1 potion effects, while trims combined with netherite will give level 2 effects. By default, all other armors will not give anything.

Here’s the current list of trims and effects:

  • Spire -> Strength
  • Eye -> Regeneration
  • Snout -> Fire Resistance
  • Rib -> Haste
  • Vex -> Invisibility
  • Ward -> Absorption
  • Tide -> Luck
  • Wild -> Hero of the Village
  • Coast -> Water Breathing
  • Dune -> Speed
  • Sentry -> Resistance
  • Wayfinder -> Slow Falling
  • Shaper -> Saturation
  • Silence -> Night Vision
  • Raiser -> Saturation
  • Host -> Glowing
  • Flow -> Jump Boost
  • Bolt -> Strength


TrimsEffects is possible thanks to the work of Luavixen!

Is it compatible with other mods related to trims?

It depends on the mod in question, we have worked to make it compatible with the vast majority of Minecraft mods, including those that add new Trims or features related to them. Obviously, there may be some mods that aren’t compatible, but tell us about them and we’ll take care of them.

Does it work on servers?

Sure! It works perfectly! Remember that the best way to play with mods and friends is with BisectHosting, and by clicking on this link you can get a 25% discount.

Can this mod be used in modpacks?

Of course! As long as it is published only on Modrinth or CurseForge. Uploading it to any other platform would be violating our rights and is not allowed at all.

However, we are really grateful if you consider adding it to your Modrinth or CurseForge modpack. If you need any small changes or have any questions, contact us!