Medieval Buildings

Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge)

This fantastic mod adds different medieval constructions with the aim of improving the adventure of the games. These will be made up of «vanilla» blocks, and are perfectly compatible with the default gaming experience.

In addition, its interiors will be full of treasures, enemies, or even villagers! since it also adds some towns and epic houses. There is much more on the way! We want to make this an essential mod in medieval games.

Download it from CurseForge.
Download it at Modrinth.

We are excited to announce that the update for Minecraft 1.21 is now available!

You can download it for either Forge, Fabric or NeoForge, and it doesn’t require any other mods to work.


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The objective of Medieval Buildings is none other than to improve the exploration and adventure of the games, incorporating some vanilla style structures, with medieval touches. These structures will combine perfectly with the essence of the game.

Inside them, you will be able to find some resources, as well as enemies or beings that may inhabit there, so you must be careful. Don’t worry, there will be nothing that can break the game experience.

All structures have been designed by: emberunholy

Is it compatible with other mods that add structures?

Without a doubt, it is perfectly compatible with any other mod, both structures and biomes. Although in the latter, they will only appear in biomes with characteristics similar to those initially established.

Where can the new structures be found?

Some of them can appear in any biome in the game, such as towers. While others, such as large towns, will only appear in the grasslands (to avoid deformations of the terrain). Of course, ships will appear in the oceans.

Does it work on servers?

Sure! It works perfectly! Remember that the best way to play with mods and friends is with BisectHosting, and by clicking on this link you can get a 25% discount.

Can this mod be used in modpacks?

Of course! As long as it is published only on Modrinth or CurseForge. Uploading it to any other platform would be violating our rights and is not allowed at all.

However, we are really grateful if you consider adding it to your Modrinth or CurseForge modpack. If you need any small changes or have any questions, contact us!