Loading Backgrounds

Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge)

With this mod you will be able to customize the background of the loading screens of the Minecraft games, placing any type of customizable image.

It is recommended for all those creators of modpacks who want to give a better sensation to their contents, loading images of the modpack and placing them as background.

Download it from CurseForge.
Download it at Modrinth.

We are very excited to announce that you can now use Loading Backgrounds in Minecraft 1.21!

We’ve made some internal changes, now also, the loading symbol is smaller, and you can use it in either Forge, Fabric or NeoForge.


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To add background images, you’ll want to create a resource pack with the folder /assets/minecraft/textures/gui/backgrounds/ and put .png image files in there. Ideally you’d name them image1.png, image2.png, image3.png, etc.

If the mod detects that there are no loading images currently enabled, it’ll look for any resource packs that have names containing «loading» and «background», and then enable those resource packs.

It is essential to place the pack.mcmeta. Create a notepad with that name and put the following text:

«pack»: {
«pack_format»: 15,
«description»: «Loading Backgrounds images»

Also, you can look at this resourcepack as an example.

We have also created some great resourcepacks for you! You can install them or create your own.


Loading Backgrounds is possible thanks to the work of Luavixen!

Does it work on servers?

Sure! It works perfectly! Remember that the best way to play with mods and friends is with BisectHosting, and by clicking on this link you can get a 25% discount.

Can this mod be used in modpacks?

Of course! As long as it is published only on Modrinth or CurseForge. Uploading it to any other platform would be violating our rights and is not allowed at all.

However, we are really grateful if you consider adding it to your Modrinth or CurseForge modpack. If you need any small changes or have any questions, contact us!