Medieval Buildings [End Edition]

Medieval Buildings [End Edition] Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) The Medieval Buildings universe expands with this new version for the End. Discover five impressive new medieval-style structures that may appear on the fantastic islands of the end. If you like adventure, this option is ideal for you, since all the structures are full […]

Loading Backgrounds

Loading Backgrounds Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) With this mod you will be able to customize the background of the loading screens of the Minecraft games, placing any type of customizable image. It is recommended for all those creators of modpacks who want to give a better sensation to their contents, loading images […]

Medieval Buildings

Medieval Buildings Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) This fantastic mod adds different medieval constructions with the aim of improving the adventure of the games. These will be made up of «vanilla» blocks, and are perfectly compatible with the default gaming experience. In addition, its interiors will be full of treasures, enemies, or even […]


TrimsEffects – New Major Update Available! Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) The objective of this mod is none other than to expand the world of trims added by Mojang in the latest versions, since now, each of them will be able to grant an effect. In fact, now when a player has a complete […]