Zombie Apocalypse Modpack

Zombie Apocalypse – The Zombie Conquest | Minecraft 1.20.1 The world we all know has been conquered by huge and dangerous hordes of zombies. You are the only one who can save it, make your base and do not allow the zombies to get close to you, manage to kill them one by one, but […]

MC Vanilla 2.0 Modpack

MC Vanilla 2.0 – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 This modpack aims to improve the «vanilla» experience of Minecraft, as if it were a second version of the game. Of course, always being faithful to the features of the default version, and trying to get the best gaming experience possible. To do this, a lot […]

Island Adventure Modpack

Island Adventure – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 Island Adventure is a new modpack made up of new biome mods and features in a «vanilla» style, but most importantly, it changes the world generation of Minecraft, which will now be full of islands of different sizes. Basically, there will be no large continents, but now […]

Conquest of Dragons Modpack

Conquest of Dragons – A New Adventure | Minecraft 1.20.1 Dragons have arrived in the latest version of Minecraft, now you can live an unforgettable experience in a world conquered by fearsome dragons. Will you be able to kill them? Or do you prefer to tame them and use them to travel? Main features: Hostile […]

New Age Modpack

New Age – Welcome To The Medieval Era | Minecraft 1.20.1 New Age is a modpack designed to give you an unforgettable experience, without losing the default essence of Minecraft Vanilla. It is an ideal mod pack for players who want to expand their gameplay options. Among other things, it will be possible to find […]

New Lightweight Modpack

New Lightweight – Optimized For Any Computer | Minecraft 1.20.1 New Lightweight adds dozens of mods intended to expand the game’s features but always keeping in mind its optimization. In other words, this pack of mods has been designed so that it can be played on the vast majority of devices. Despite having a reduced […]

More Realistic Modpack

More Realistic [FORGE] / [FABRIC] – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 Would you say Minecraft is realistic? Clearly not, although maybe it doesn’t try to be. It’s impossible to make Minecraft look like real life, but there are many mods that make the game experience much more immersive and fun. Ambient sound mods, leaves falling […]

New Revolution Modpack

New Revolution – An Improved Vanilla Experience | Minecraft 1.20.1 New Revolution Modpack incorporates dozens and dozens of mods with the aim of improving the experience, as well as expanding the game possibilities. For example, some of them will be in charge of increasing the number of biomes or structures in the games. Aside from […]

More FPS Modpack

More FPS [FORGE] / [FABRIC] – BETTER PERFORMANCE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 In summary, this pack of mods has been designed with the aim of improving the performance of Minecraft, as well as increasing the number of FPS of the games. Among other things, players will have the ability to modify particles or animations, among many […]

More Decorations Modpack

More Decorations [FORGE] / [FABRIC] – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 Are you a real decoration lover, do you spend hours to make your house? Then this modpack is ideal for you, as it focuses on expanding the decorative possibilities of the games! However, don’t think that the only thing More Decorations adds are decorative […]

Create Expansion Modpack

Create Expansion [FORGE] / [FABRIC] – Bigger Create+ | Minecraft 1.20.1 After a lot of comments suggesting us to create a modpack based on Create, here it is! Now you can enjoy an adventure surrounded by technology, expanding the game with the vast majority of Create add-ons. New machinery, decorations, blocks and all kinds of […]

More Animals Modpack

More Animals [FORGE] / [FABRIC] – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 Who doesn’t like animals? Clearly, if you don’t like them, this modpack is not for you…. But if you’re reading this, it’s probably just the opposite – you’re a true animal lover! How could it be otherwise, More Animals is responsible for expanding the […]