Medieval Buildings [End Edition]

Medieval Buildings [End Edition] Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) The Medieval Buildings universe expands with this new version for the End. Discover five impressive new medieval-style structures that may appear on the fantastic islands of the end. If you like adventure, this option is ideal for you, since all the structures are full […]

Loading Backgrounds

Loading Backgrounds Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) With this mod you will be able to customize the background of the loading screens of the Minecraft games, placing any type of customizable image. It is recommended for all those creators of modpacks who want to give a better sensation to their contents, loading images […]

Medieval Buildings

Medieval Buildings Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) This fantastic mod adds different medieval constructions with the aim of improving the adventure of the games. These will be made up of «vanilla» blocks, and are perfectly compatible with the default gaming experience. In addition, its interiors will be full of treasures, enemies, or even […]


TrimsEffects – New Major Update Available! Available for Minecraft 1.21.X and 1.20.X (Forge/Fabric/NeoForge) The objective of this mod is none other than to expand the world of trims added by Mojang in the latest versions, since now, each of them will be able to grant an effect. In fact, now when a player has a complete […]

Zombie Apocalypse Modpack

Zombie Apocalypse – The Zombie Conquest | Minecraft 1.20.1 The world we all know has been conquered by huge and dangerous hordes of zombies. You are the only one who can save it, make your base and do not allow the zombies to get close to you, manage to kill them one by one, but […]

Increase Minecraft RAM

How to allocate more RAM to a Minecraft Launcher When playing with large modpacks, you may have noticed that it is essential to increase the RAM for running a game, since the default RAM is too low. After all, Minecraft vanilla performs very well with the RAM allocated at the start, but if we want […]

MC Vanilla 2.0 Modpack

MC Vanilla 2.0 – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 This modpack aims to improve the «vanilla» experience of Minecraft, as if it were a second version of the game. Of course, always being faithful to the features of the default version, and trying to get the best gaming experience possible. To do this, a lot […]

Island Adventure Modpack

Island Adventure – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 Island Adventure is a new modpack made up of new biome mods and features in a «vanilla» style, but most importantly, it changes the world generation of Minecraft, which will now be full of islands of different sizes. Basically, there will be no large continents, but now […]

Conquest of Dragons Modpack

Conquest of Dragons – A New Adventure | Minecraft 1.20.1 Dragons have arrived in the latest version of Minecraft, now you can live an unforgettable experience in a world conquered by fearsome dragons. Will you be able to kill them? Or do you prefer to tame them and use them to travel? Main features: Hostile […]

New Age Modpack

New Age – Welcome To The Medieval Era | Minecraft 1.20.1 New Age is a modpack designed to give you an unforgettable experience, without losing the default essence of Minecraft Vanilla. It is an ideal mod pack for players who want to expand their gameplay options. Among other things, it will be possible to find […]

New Lightweight Modpack

New Lightweight – Optimized For Any Computer | Minecraft 1.20.1 New Lightweight adds dozens of mods intended to expand the game’s features but always keeping in mind its optimization. In other words, this pack of mods has been designed so that it can be played on the vast majority of devices. Despite having a reduced […]

More Realistic Modpack

More Realistic [FORGE] / [FABRIC] – QUALITY UPDATE! | Minecraft 1.20.1 Would you say Minecraft is realistic? Clearly not, although maybe it doesn’t try to be. It’s impossible to make Minecraft look like real life, but there are many mods that make the game experience much more immersive and fun. Ambient sound mods, leaves falling […]